Zion National Park: Scout Lookout


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Being that Angel’s Landing is one of North America’s iconic hikes, my husband insisted on including it in our itinerary when visiting Zion National Park. Now while I have no fear of going to the rooftop of the city’s tallest building or gazing down on the countryside from an airplane or even a tall Ferris wheel,  put me on a ledge with a yawning abyss on either side of me and I will be completely paralyzed. So I knew going in that Angel’s Landing was not for me.


Thankfully, I did my research and realized that I could enjoy most of the journey without the mind-numbing, cliff-terror part. I could hike up the first two miles to Scout Lookout and then chill.


We started the hike at 8 AM on our third day in the park. After a brief pleasant flat stretch along the river, we began to ascend.


We had to take frequent breaks to catch our breath and take pictures. The higher up we got, the more beautiful the view.


After some long switchbacks that took us along the Western Rim of the main canyon, the trail turned in to a more shaded canyon. It was amazing to see the trees growing out of seemingly bare rock.


Then we arrived at the base of the tight switchbacks called Walters Wiggles, named for the first superintendent of Zion. These 21 curves, carved into a nearly vertical cliff, are the last hurdle before reaching Scout Lookout.


Scout Lookout is a large open area with gorgeous views and plenty of places to rest. My daughter and I relaxed, had snacks and took some photos while we waited.


Zion Posts:

Location: Springdale, UT

Designation: National Park

Date designated/established: 11/19/1919

Date of my visit: April 11, 2017


36 thoughts on “Zion National Park: Scout Lookout

  1. Love your Zion posts. Great memories. We lived nearby in 2010-2015 and Zion was our all-season playground. Max loved hiking the Pah’Rus trail and swimming (well, wading) in the Virgin River. We’ve climbed Angel’s Landing several times but my wife usually preferred to stop at Scout and let me finish alone. Max, of course, never got near Angel’s Landing since doggos are restricted to certain areas in Zion although he did explore around the Lodge in winter.

    1. Thanks! The weather was nice in April…we don’t like the heat much. In higher elevations, like the Kolob section of Zion, it was chilly and there was still snow in places. Out in Capitol Reef, it warmed to about 75F during the day. Ten degrees cooler in the more western parks. Cold at nights…we wore layers and were down to short sleeves by midday

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