Ramapo County Reservation: Ramapo River


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We frequently visit Ramapo Reservation with our pups as it’s a dog-friendly park with a nice network of trails. As you enter from the parking lot, you will cross a steel bridge over the Ramapo River.


The Ramapo River is a tributary of the Pompton River, running for approximately 30 miles from southern New York into northern New Jersey. The section in the park attracts fishermen and kayakers,


The loop around Scarlet Oak Pond, to the right after the bridge, travels between the river and the pond for a little while before turning in towards the mountains.


Ramapo Reservation Posts:


Location: 608 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah, NJ 07430

Designation: County Park

Date designated or established: 1972

Date of my visit: 8/25/2019


Our newest family member, Trudy, loves our Ramapo Reservation outings!


10 thoughts on “Ramapo County Reservation: Ramapo River

  1. Thanks Theresa. Your posts and pictures are a continuing affirmation that I don’t have to stay out West to really capture the country’s natural beauty and there are many treasures a short distance from what we perceive to be the really populated and urban areas of the country. And glad to see that Trudy has adopted the adventurous spirit of your family.

  2. The Ramapo Reservation is beautiful, T, and how wonderful to live so close. I enjoyed the photos;and the video, too, with the swift-moving water and adorable pup.

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