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Vessel is the 16-story centerpiece of the new Hudson Yards in New York City. Hudson Yards is a $25 billion development project built over active railroad tracks on Manhattan’s west side. It includes residential property, office and retail space as well as the attraction ‘temporarily’ known as Vessel and is still a work in progress.


Vessel opened to the public in March 2019. Visitors can get free, same-day timed tickets to climb the 154 tiered flights of stairs. Advance tickets can be booked online for a fee.


Hudson Yards is running a contest to rename the sculpture/tourist attraction, claiming that Vessel is a temporary name. With such objectionable names as Stairy McStairface and Schwarma proposed, Vessel may be what sticks.


The structure as designed by Thomas Heatherwick and was meant to be climbed, with a mile’s worth of staircases to the top. I didn’t climb it on this day. I was just passing by on my way to the High Line, which is accessed at one end of the plaza.


Location: The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001

Date of my visit: November 3, 2019


22 thoughts on “Vessel

      1. It is an architectural sculpture…centerpiece of a shopping and office complex that has been developed atop an old rail yard. It’s art you can climb, though I’m not sure I’m willing to pay to do so

  1. Anonymous

    Finally, I have been somewhere that you have posted on, not that I have seen The Vessel, which looks extremely interesting, but I did visit the sculpture park back in February 1997! My daughter lived in NY for several years and the park was the first place she took me to visit. Great memories, including the temperature which was about 27 with a wind chill factor. BRR

  2. I saw this structure for the first time in a music video – ‘Takeaway’ by Chainsmokers and had wondered where could that possibly be and why were there only stairs. Finally, today everything was revealed. Thank you! 😊

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