Saddle River County Park: Dunkerhook to Glen Rock


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Saddle River County Park is a 6-mile, 596 acre linear park that extends from the Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood down to Rochelle Park in Bergen County, New Jersey. There are 5 sections between which the multi-use Saddle River Path travels between.


On this trip, a friend and I took the dogs the the Dunkerhook section. The Dunkerhook Area covers Paramus and Fairlawn. At its southern point stands the Easton Tower which you can read about in a previous post.


We decided to walk North on the trail. Shortly after leaving the parking lot, we arrived at a small waterfall. We rested here briefly to take some pictures.


Continuing north on the trail,we encountered a fork in the trail. East would have taken us to the Ridgewood duck pond, but I’d gone that way before. We chose the western branch towards Glen Rock.


Glen Rock, like Ridgewood, has a duck pond. We dodged goose poop while taking in the Fall foliage before heading back to Dunkerhook.


Location: Dunkerhook Rd, Paramus, NJ 07652

Designation: County Park

Date of my visit: 10/24/2019


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