Saddle River County Park: Ridgewood to Glen Rock


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Saddle River County Park is a 6-mile, 596 acre linear park that extends from the Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood down to Rochelle Park in Bergen County, New Jersey. There are 5 sections between which the multi-use Saddle River Path travels between.


The Saddle River Path is paved, flat and follows alongside the Saddle River. In many sections, there are homes and businesses visible from the path, but through a series of bridges and underpasses, pedestrians and cyclist are able to travel the entire path without crossing traffic.

I’d previously walked part of the Ridgewood to Glen Rock segment with the Take A Hike NJ group, so when we were looking for a non-muddy walk midweek in February, we chose to revisit.  In the Ridgewood Duck Pond area, there is also a fenced-in dog run, where I let Trudy expend some her crazy energy before joining the rest of the group. You can see Lily for a second in the video, but she was happier by my side than racing around with the others.


It’s about 2.5 miles from the Ridgewood section to Glen Rock. We saw a small waterfall at the junction for the Dunkerhook section and then continued on to the duck pond in Glen Rock before heading back to Ridgewood.

Location: 1133 E. Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood, NJ

Designation: County Park

Date of my visit: 2/12/2020


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