National Park Photo Feature of the Week: Red Around The World/Mount Rushmore

DSCF0291Welcome back to National Parks and other public lands with T!  On a regular basis, we’ll feature a favorite photo or two from a friend in the National Park community. Are you a National Park fan with a photo favorite you think would be great for this series? Send me a private message through the contact section of this blog!

About this photo»

  • Place: Mount Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota
  • Date: October 2019
  • Photo Credit: Megan (Red Around The World)
  • Why it’s one of my favorites: This is one of my favorites even though Mount Rushmore was just OK to me. I love that it’s from a unique perspective and framing from a lookout on the Iron Mountain Road. I love the colors. And for someone that just thinks Mount Rushmore is OK, I love this picture.

Meet Megan from Red Around The World»

I’m Megan, a Wisconsin native, Utah transplant who actually just moved to Arizona. Way back in 2015 I went on my first ever Great American Southwest Road Trip with one of my best friends and got my first taste of the national parks. We only stopped at a few on that road trip, but I was hooked. Fast forward to December of 2015, just before leaving for 2.5 months in Asia starting in January, and I decided “hey, maybe I could work in the parks when I come back!” So, I furiously applied for jobs in the weeks leading up to my departure and by the time I left I knew I was moving to Utah come April.

From April to the present, I’ve worked at Lake Powell in the summers (north lake and now south) and a snowmobile lodge in Wyoming, while spending the other winters exploring Florida and the southeast. I drive between Wisconsin, Utah, and Florida multiple times a year, which gives me a lot of time to see all the parks between each of those places, which I always try to make time for on the way. While I can’t pick just one favorite, some of my favorites are Great Basin, Capitol Reef and Grand Teton (especially in the winter). Two I can’t wait to visit are Dry Tortugas and North Cascades, but I can’t wait to visit all of them. —Written by Megan Johnson

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