Gateway NRA: Sandy Hook’s Piping Plovers

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Sandy Hook in New Jersey is one of Gateway National Recreation Area’s three geographical units. The other two are in Staten Island and Queens, with the three parks framing the ‘gateway’ to New York Harbor.

The Sandy Hook Foundation, the park’s non-profit partner, helped fund the documentary embedded below. Local documentarian Jeff Gould produced the award-winning Preserving the Piping Plover: A Natural Partnership for Survival. It features many never-before-captured images of the threatened piping plover population at Sandy Hook.

The park and its volunteers have been tirelessly working towards this species’ recovery. The 7-minute video does a good job showing the community effort involved.

Location: 85 Mercer Rd, Highlands, NJ 07732

Designation: National Recreation Area

Date designation declared: 10/27/1972

Date of my visit: March 2016

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