Housatonic River Lower Falls Recreation Area

Housatonic River
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The Housatonic River flows for 149 miles Massachusetts and western Connecticut. In the town of Falls Village, it cascades down Great Falls. Here, it intersects the Appalachian Trail.

We’d seen the picturesque area in a AAA magazine article about worthy day trips. An easily accessible waterfall AND section of the Appalachian Trail?! We decided to drive up and explore with the dogs.

Unfortunately, the article was written before Covid. When we arrived, access to that portion of the trail and to the Great Falls on the Housatonic River, was roped off. No visitors allowed!

Back down the road in Amesville, we found a small park open by the river. From there, we were able to hike a short way on the Appalachian Trail to the Lower Falls. We were alone on the river.

Husband and dogs were unimpressed, though it was lovely. We walked back to the recreation area where there is a launch area for canoes. We took a few photos and then headed to a nearby state park where the trails were open.

Location: 230 Dugway Road, Falls Village, CT 06031
Designation: Town Park
Date designated/established: 1915
Date of my visit: November 9, 2020

12 thoughts on “Housatonic River Lower Falls Recreation Area

  1. Looks like a lovely hike even though not the one you planned. Covid has closed many things and I realize some trails are crowded but in general on trails you can distance from others. Hopefully you can get back to the original planned hike before long.

      1. Thank you, Ms. T.! I’ll be up there by the end of this month to close on the house. And a three weeks later, we will be moving. 👍🏼

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