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Because of growing civil unrest , I joined a coalition of fellow park enthusiasts. Our group brainstormed ideas about how we could use our combined platforms to help. We’ve previously written about the barriers many BIPOC communities face when it comes to outdoor recreation. Statistics show that Black Americans make up only 7% of national park visitors (some studies show that it’s as low as 1%) while making up 13% of the U.S. population.

Each month, our group intends to spotlight a relevant organization. These organizations are working to bridge the gap between outdoor spaces and underrepresented communities. Past features include:

We’re featuring Love Is King during the month of March. Learn more about them below and please consider making a donation to support their ongoing efforts to make the outdoors more inclusive.

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Love Is King is a brand new non-profit founded by Chad Brown. LIK began by recognizing and responding to the lack of safe and equal access to the outdoors for BIPOC communities. LIK is on a mission to create a movement where people of all backgrounds can come together collectively to ensure safe and equal access to the outdoors for everyone.

We realize race and income are significant factors in blocking easy and safe access to the outdoors. We also realize that representation of people of color really matters. We will ensure people of color’s stories, image, experiences, history, culture and leadership are valued and represented. It’s our obligation to inspire new conversations, new points of view and shift perceptions that help to guarantee freedom to roam in nature for all people of color.

Love Is King

Love Is King presented their inaugural Heritage Event last weekend in Oregon. Dr. Mamie Parker, the first Black Woman Assistant Director of the US Fish & Wildlife Service, shared her story and wisdom with the group. The group’s founder was also featured in a recent Elevation Outdoors article.

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8 thoughts on “Diverse NPS: Love Is King

  1. There is a similar awareness growing here, highlighted it seems more due to restrictions of lockdowns. And because many from a BAIME background live in built up inner city areas. That’s not meant as a generalisation. It sounds like a great initiative there. Everyone on the planet most definitely benefits from being in nature.

  2. Tom M.

    This is an awesome project! I’ve served as a campground host in a few state parks in my state. From my limited observation, most campers are Caucasian while day users of parks are becoming more diverse. It’s nice to see.

    Thanks for supporting this endeavor.

  3. Hey thanks for posting this! What a great way to open up the Great Outdoors and give people a chance to experience its healing powers and beauty. Such a great program giving people opportunities to enhance their lives. Thanks for posting!

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