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On August 25, 2020 the National Park Service will celebrate its 104th anniversary. To mark the occasion Nicole Jackson, co-organizer of #BlackBirdersWeek and a Next Generation Advisory Council member of the National Parks Conservation Association, has inspired a commemoration to acknowledge the often-overlooked narratives of those who have contributed to more than a century of…

Announcing Black In National Parks Week! — The Joy Trip Project | Announcing Black In National Parks Week!

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Did you know that African Americans (13% of the population) make up only 2 percent of National Park visitors? From August 24th through the 29th, help celebrate Black excellence in our public lands. And just in time for the NPS’ 104th birthday, too! On social media, tag #BlackInNationalParksWeek on your photos and stories promoting diversity on public lands.

Black National Park Week

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Nicole Jackson is an environmental educator from Ohio who is a member of the Next Generation Advisory Council of the NPCA. Her life changed profoundly with her exposure to Cuyahoga Valley National Park when she was in middle school. She hopes to foster this love of nature in her community. Nicole says,

“I dont have a goal of visiting every national park, but I do want to see more people who look like me visiting them and sharing their joy of those experiences.”

With that objective in mind, Nicole created Black in National Parks Week. Follow along on Instagram @blackinnpsweek and on Twitter @blackinnpsweek

Nicole visiting Everglades National Park

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  1. I suspect the issue to which this initiative is a response has echoes here in the UK, but I’m unaware of similar positive developments here. Yesterday I heard an interview with Corina Newsome, one of the other co-organisers of Black Birders Week. Very impressive lady.

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