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I am part of a coalition of fellow park enthusiasts dedicated to promoting diversity and equity in our public lands. We’ve been collaborating on posts since mid 2020.

Each month, our group spotlights a relevant organization. These organizations are working to bridge the gap between outdoor spaces and underrepresented communities. This year’s features include:

During the month of September, we are highlighting the work of Native Conservancy in our community effort to showcase organizations who are working towards social justice, environmental action, and more inclusive public lands. After a recent trip to Alaska, I was inspired to bring this organization’s work to the attention of our group.

Photo by @nativeconservancy

About Native Conservancy

The Native Conservancy was established in 2003 to empower Alaska Native peoples to permanently protect and preserve endangered habitats on their ancestral homelands. They strive to maintain and secure titles to Native lands in conservation trusts to strengthen their inherent rights of sovereignty, subsistence and spirituality.

Native Conservancy’s reason for being is to protect and restore Alaska Native ecosystems for coastal communities. Native Conservancy is the very first Native-led, Native-owned land conservancy in the United States.

“The day the Exxon Valdez oil spill happened, was the day the water died – yet it was also the day that something inside of me was ignited. I realized that this is not how it ends; this is how it began for me, for us. We had to dig down deep inside our beliefs and our dreams to face our fears, to find the courage and strength to step up and be louder than everything else, yet remain a voice of reason, while we take on the powers that be, that got us into this mess in the first place.”

Dune Lankard, Founder and President, Native Conservancy

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