Koloa Heritage Trail: Spouting Horn


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The Spouting Horn is a blowhole on Kauai’s south shore near Poipu Beach.  It is best viewed at high tide when waves crash under a lava shelf, forcing a 50 foot plume of water up through a hole in the shelf.


The Spouting Horn is a stop on the Koloa Heritage Trail in Kauai…a collection of historical sites, monuments and natural wonders in the Koloa district of Kauai. There is an open-air market near the observation point.


According to Hawaiian folklore, the hissing  sound made by the Spouting Horn are the roars of a giant lizard who used to hunt these waters. A young boy escaped the lizard by swimming under the lava shelf and through the blowhole. When the lizard pursued him, it got stuck in the blowhole.


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