Koloa Heritage Trail: Spouting Horn


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The Spouting Horn is a blowhole on Kauai’s south shore near Poipu Beach.  It is best viewed at high tide when waves crash under a lava shelf, forcing a 50 foot plume of water up through a hole in the shelf.


The Spouting Horn is a stop on the Koloa Heritage Trail in Kauai…a collection of historical sites, monuments and natural wonders in the Koloa district of Kauai. There is an open-air market near the observation point.


According to Hawaiian folklore, the hissing  sound made by the Spouting Horn are the roars of a giant lizard who used to hunt these waters. A young boy escaped the lizard by swimming under the lava shelf and through the blowhole. When the lizard pursued him, it got stuck in the blowhole.


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21 thoughts on “Koloa Heritage Trail: Spouting Horn

    1. We missed a lot on Maui…1st day in port was supposed to be snorkeling in the volcano crater, but too windy. Bussed us all the way there only to bus us back. Will have to go back and stay on land there to see everything we missed

  1. I always enjoyed the blowhole in Kauai. There is a similar one on the Oregon Coast in Depoe Bay. As I recall, there was a great body surfing beach in the Poipu Beach area where I caught some spectacular waves in my youth. 🙂

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