Koloa Heritage Trail: Keoneloa Bay


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Keoneloa Bay is a stop on the Koloa Heritage Trail in Kauai…a collection of historical sites, monuments and natural wonders in the Koloa district of Kauai. As we were heading back to our cruise ship from Waimea Canyon, our tour guide stopped here.


Ancient Polynesians came to Keoneloa Bay from the Marquesas Islands between 200 and 600 AD. They used the area as a temporary fishing camp and set up heiau (temples) and left behind other artifacts.


We parked by the Grand Hyatt and headed to the public beach access. We took a short stroll down the path, down to the rocks jutting out into the water. We were delighted to watch sea turtles swimming in the surf. Scroll down for a video clip.


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  1. Duuuude I haven’t been to Kauai in like 15 years and was so peaceful and those rocky shores and soft sand … definitely a place I’d like to be at right now. The people were so welcoming and laid back. Trying to channel that Zen vibe :)Thanks for posting!

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