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2019 Lighthouse Challenge of NJ»

The Lighthouse Challenge of NJ celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019. I visited the Cape May lighthouse about halfway through my road trip.


After leaving East Point and the Maurice River, I headed to Cape May. The Cape May Lighthouse was built in 1859. It was the third tower built as the first two were claimed by the ocean and are now underwater.


The State of New Jersey owns the lighthouse, which is incorporated into Cape May Point State Park. The Coast Guard maintains the signal which is still an active navigational aid. It was automated in 1946.


The lighthouse is 157 feet tall with over 200 steps to the top. It was restored and opened for the public to climb in 1988, After taking in the views from the top, I perused the museum down below and then walked some of the park’s trails.


2019 Lighthouse Challenge Posts:


Location: 215 Light House Ave, Cape May, NJ 08204

Designation: National Register of Historic Places

Date established/designated: November 12, 1973

Date of my visit: October 19, 2019


31 thoughts on “Cape May Lighthouse: NRHP

  1. I’m with you in cherishing these lighthouses (NJ) – fine pictures and I hope you treasured walking those trails at the Point — Bird Central in all seasons, especially rarities. In these dire times, I’m finding a need to consider beacons… thank you Carolyn Edelmann of Lawrenceville nj

      1. I’m with you most of the times on your jaunts — and thank you, as this lockdown is very hard on this particular Sagittarian! “Don’t Fence Us In!” You open the doors and even climb the lighthouses for me! It really helps! Thank you so much! cfe

      2. Thanks! I don’t go near the shore between Memorial and Labor Days…can’t deal with the traffic and crowds (especially now.) It’s nice to visit off season

  2. What is it about lighthouses that fascinates us so much, we just have to climb them? I also like to take shots of the spiral staircase both up and down if I can for a great perspective. Thanks for sharing T. Allan

    1. Well, this lighthouse challenge involves hours of driving to get from one to the other, so climbing them all was a physical necessity for me, lol. But even when we visit one at a time on our vacations, we still have to climb them.

  3. Anonymous

    What a super showing of lighthouses. Great they are now viewed as buildings of historical importance, and beauty. I visited one of our own at the bottom of the south island last year. A wind-lashed and inhospitable place. My thoughts were of the keepers and families who used to live there. Vivienne Lingard

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