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Mokuola (Coconut) Island in the port of Hilo»

As we sailed away from Hilo after a busy day of sightseeing, we had a good view of an interesting island attached to the Big Island by a bridge. We’d seen a rainbow over it when we’d arrived in port that morning.


This island is Mokuola or Coconut Island. It is connected by the bridge to Lili’uokalani Park and Gardens and is a small pubic park with beaches, picnic areas and fields.


Mokuola means ‘island of life’ in Hawaiian and was the site of an ancient healing temple.  According to legend, the ill could be cured by swimming around the island three times.


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Location: Banyan Drive, Hilo, HI

Designation: Public Park

Date of my visit: April 16, 2019


16 thoughts on “Mokuola

    1. Yes, we were on the pride of America which has overnights on Maui, Kauai and the big island. Great way to see a sampling of all the islands have to offer. We kept very busy when at port. Spent a few days on Oahu before sailing. I would love to go back for a more leisurely trip…someday.

  1. In the old days there used to be a fish auction place not far from where the walkway to the islet is. Fun to hang out and watch the negotiations for the the day’s akule, ono and mahi.

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