Redwood National Park: The Coast

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Redwood National and State Parks➤

Redwood National and State Parks protect the world’s tallest trees. The park is unique in that it is a spread out confederation of state and national lands along the Northern California coast. The National Park Service, along with California’s Sate Park System, administer the sites together.

The 139,000 acre complex preserves prairies, rivers and coastline as well as the ancient redwood groves. While we visited Redwood National Park, we had the chance to see several of the different areas of the park.

Coastal Areas➤

While known for its forests, Redwood National Park also protects the Northern California coastline. The Coastal Trail begins in Crescent City and runs south for 70 miles.

We stayed on the beach just north of Crescent City at White Rock Resort. We enjoyed daily walks along the shore, exploring the rock formations and tidepools.

Redwood Posts➤

Location: Crescent City, CA 95531
Designation: State and National Park
Date designated/established: October 2, 1968
Date of my visit: August 20, 2016

18 thoughts on “Redwood National Park: The Coast

  1. Wonderful photos. I spent 3 1/2 years living in McKinleyville, working in Arcata and Eureka at times. I went on so many wonderful hikes along the coast as well as inland on Hwy 299. It’s a very beautiful and stunning area. The mold and dampness was hard on my already challenged lungs though. The intensity and amount of rain that the place gets is amazing!

      1. I would have a hard time with the humidity, too. That’s why I love CO so much….sunny skies even in the winter, low humidity…no drizzle or gray.


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